ECO 2019

Monte Odina - Albatros
Monte Odina - separador icono racimo uvas

A blend of Sauvignon blanc and Gewürztraminer, both 100% organic varieties. Albatross is the bird that flies with its wings, an allegorical representation of life as migration.

Monte Odina - El tesoro escondido del Somontano

Tasting Notes

Bright appearance and pale yellow colour with green tones.

Clean and intense aromas. Green fruits, grapefruit, fragrant herbs.

Full-bodied, with a balsamic and aniseed background.

Serving temperature 5-7ºC.

Not aged in oak barrels.

White fish, seafood, foie gras and risottos.

Monte Odina - separador icono racimo uvas

Albatros is one of our organic wines, which meet the double requirement in terms of their production: they come from organic grapes, grown in the Hoz de Barbastro terroir, and follow a strict production process. Both aspects are controlled by the Comité Aragonés de Agricultura Ecológica (CAAE).

Monte Odina - Albatros

Albatros ECO 2019
(6 bottles)

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