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Bodegas Monte Odina is closely linked to the world of literature, as Ramón J. Sender wrote a novel entitled Monte Odina. El pequeño teatro del mundo, based on the writer’s experiences during his time in our lands.

The hidden treasure that Ramón J. Sender himself found in Monte Odina, from where he wrote part of his bibliography thanks to the fact that inspiration and imagination flowed with greater intensity.

Inspiration by making special wines for connoisseurs. Quality wines made by expert oenologists with excellent grape varieties grown in Somontano.

The imagination in the stories that surround the estate by Ramón J. Sender: Valentina, Albatros, Halley…

Where reality mixes with fiction.

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Ramón J. Sender

Ramón J. Sender

In 1974 Ramón J. Sender returned to Spain. The writer, who was already 73 years old, was back with his family again, he recovered old friendships and completed the news about those people who had been important to him and whom he had not heard from since his exile in 1939.

Ramón J. Sender decided to fulfil his commitment to build up the library of the estate and wrote “Monte Odina” (1980), in which he wrote a compendium of memories, experiences and thoughts that intermingle truth and literary fiction. A compendium that he defines as a “true apocryphal memoir”.

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