ECO 2019

Monte Odina - Valentina

Organic wine made from vines from our best vineyards, terroirs located at an altitude of 700 m which, together with deep chalky-loam soil, allow each of the varieties that make up this coupage to reach their maximum splendour.

«Another bee buzzed in the air, sometimes approaching Valentina’s hair, all golden in the sun, with two of its little legs dangling as if they were about to fall off».
― Ramón J. Sender

Every sip is bursting with expressiveness, as if it were the writer’s every verse, his every word. Only as a result of extraordinary vintages, when the terroir provides the opportunity, it is possible to make Verse. So unique are the conditions required for its production that the vintage preceding this one, 2015, was 2006.

Tasting Notes

Bright cherry red colour with violet rim. Intense and very attractive.

Clean and intense aromas, red and black fruits, floral (violet) appear.

Balanced between its acid components and quality tannins, which give freshness and longevity.

Serving temperature 13 - 15ºC.

Not aged in oak barrels.

Red meats, game, cured cheeses...

Valentina is the first of our organic wines, which meet the double requirement in terms of their production: they come from organic grapes grown in the Hoz de Barbastro terroir, and follow a strict production process. Both aspects are controlled by the Comité Aragonés de Agricultura Ecológica (CAAE).

Valentina ECO 2019
(6 bottles)

77,00 €